The genderless artisanal label founded by Faith Oluwajimi in 2015 explores the boundaries of knitwear and tailoring through garments with an undertone of spiritual consciousness.

Oluwajimi is one of the few African designers specializing in knitwear. With BLOKE, the designer is disrupting clothing and social boundaries with deconstructed designs, and by intentionally creating pieces that are neither for men or women. BLOKE brings forward the concept of androgyny in notoriously conservative spaces by contrasting the usual sartorial way of dressing.

Oluwajimi diffuses his ideas through an artisanal approach where knitted offerings meet metallic, cotton, and polyester yarns through hand-dying and patchwork techniques. To communicate their design language and brand ethos, BLOKE collections balance playful knitwear and 1970’s inspired vintage tailoring.

BLOKE keeps the conversation going on the cultural shifts in Nigeria. With collections showcasing the notion of family through the African gaze, or the idea of nothingness, the brand is using knitwear to serve its community, form a conscious connection, and ultimately create new pathways for self-expression.

With multiple awards and international nominations, the Nigerian brand stands out for its innovative, sustainable, and thoughtful approach to fashion. BLOKE is redefining contemporary knitwear and opening the conversation on how clothing should be approached by empowering people to reclaim their narratives.

Image credits


Photographer: Jimi Agboola
Creative Director : Faith Oluwajimi
Casting & Styling Consultant : Taylor Angino
Model Agency : Beth Models



Photography : Lakin Ogunbanwo
Styling : Adebayo Oke-Lawal
Creative Direction : Faith Oluwajimi
Model Agency : Beth Models

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