The Haitian-American New York-based designer is recognized for his pioneering approach to fashion, as he has built one of the most disruptive brands in the industry today. More than a brand, Pyer Moss is a hybrid space of art and fashion which serves as a platform for social commentary.

Pyer Moss is both innovative and timeless, with collections showcasing streetwear as well as high fashion pieces. 

The brand essence can be characterized by connection, strength, outspokenness and perseverance, which embodies the qualities of the community the designer wishes to represent through his art. 

Kerby Jean-Raymond has succeeded in building a niche in an industry that was not ready for such a vocal brand. By bringing attention to what is going on in the world to the runway, he wants to fight the perpetuation of negative stereotypes.

In 2017, Kerby Jean-Raymond started a partnership with Rebook named “Rebook By Pyer Moss”, a fusion of the brand’s style and Rebook’s heritage. This growing partnership will allow the designer to further his brand message.

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