After having worked for Virgil Abloh at Off-White, the London based designer has emerged as one of the most influential designers on the streetwear scene. A-Cold-Wall* merges British working-class uniforms with elements of tailoring, and touches on topics such as construction and social rhythms to create experiences beyond clothing.

For Samuel Ross, “there is a further insight beyond the immediacy of just the clothes”. He wants to paint a holistic picture of what is going on in the world, and the nuances he addresses in his collections translate in the way he integrates utility and sophistication. 

From puffer jackets and track pants to tailored suits in technical fabrics, Samuel Ross demonstrates how basic streetwear can be used as a foundation for higher-tier garments. The idea of overcoming conditions that hold people back is a notion that is very present in Samuel Ross’ design. 

A-Cold-Wall* has become a cultural symbol and an aspirational brand, but despite having a higher positioning, the brand wants to remain accessible and open to the public through information and content.

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