The label founded by Fatoumata Guirassy in 2015 offers bold, sensual and adventurous, womenswear pieces mixing African and Eastern influences. The name Gueras Fatim, born out of the contraction of the designer ‘s paternal name (Guirassy) and the etymology of her first name Fatoumata, resonates today with effortless sophistication.

Born in Auvergne to Guinean and Senegalese parents, Fatoumata Guirassy studied fashion design at Marie Laurencin School in Riom, France, art in Condé School in Lyon and went on to acquiring hands-on experiences at different haute couture maisons such as Balenciaga, Céline, and AlexanderMcQueen before launching her brand.

Gueras Fatim speaks to the multifaceted women who draw strength from their cultural heritage. Through her clothing, the designer seeks to encounter women from the past and the present, to understand their connection to their roots and how they express their femininity.

With structured blazers in hand-dyed indigo cotton from Guinea, knitted jerseys hand-made in France, or Origami skirts made of woven Ivorian Baoulé loincloth, Fatoumata Guirassy pays tribute to her traditions and puts them on an equal footing with other practices she embraces.

Gueras Fatim’s third collection “Mbe Horo” (“All Noble”) featured knee-high boots made from “Ghana Must Go” bags, which are matted woven nylon zipped tote bags commonly used by West African migrants to move their belongings during the 1980’s migration.

With her latest collection “Child Of Migrant”, Fatoumata Guirassy continues to celebrate the journeys and the lifestyles that influence her brand aesthetic.

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Image 1

@queentoide in the @guerasfatim Amazonia dress shot by @fionatorre for the new issue of @takecare_magazine

Style by @glenmban
Assisted by @lilouescuriol
Hair & headpiece by @hikageyumiko
Make-up by
Set Design by @beriot_studio
Photo assistant : @hugoveuillet


Image 2

Collection “CHILD OF MIGRANT ” – Season 0.
[ The new maharani dress + the kaia mesh top ]

Available soon on

MUA @goodgibson
Shot by @inesmebarki.c
Edit by @guirassyfatoumata

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