The Ivorian label founded in 2019 by sisters Anta and Asna takes inspiration from their experiences navigating cross-cultural societies as African women.

Through their work, the two sisters draw parallels between their journeys after having lived across Africa and Europe, and the influence of France and Western culture on Ivory Coast. Feeling that certain aspects of their culture were getting lost, and they were consequently imposed standards that did not necessarily suit or represent them, they decided to launch Kaalag, to celebrate their cultural origins and create a sense of belonging.

Kaalag is not only characterized by its founders’ experiences, but by African heritage in general. From collaborations with local artisans, to the inclusion of African spirituality symbols in their collections, the two sisters explore their country’s rich traditions. With hand-printed and embroidered fabrics, lush feminine textures, and statement jewelry, Kaalag conveys Africa’s vibrant energy.

Anta and Asna focus on the value of community and do so by following the “Ubuntu Philosophy” that places emphasis on “being self through others”. They describe Kaalag as “the project of an African generation eager to define its own rules” and join the wave of Ivorian designers who are reclaiming their narratives and giving African fashion a new dynamic.

Image credits

Photography : Olga De La Iglesia
Models : Michelle Ichofe, Drica, Aida Z
Styling : Tania Morenilla
Hair & Makeup : Rosana Ehizele Ozgul, Itziar Nzang, Aida Z
Light : Marc Garcia

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