Influenced by the entrepreneurial women she grew up surrounded by, Felisha Noel founded her brand in 2011 without any formal design training. Prior to that, she co-owned and managed operations for a clothing boutique in Brooklyn at the age of 19.

Fenoel was shaped through trial and error over the years, and is now a brand known for its modern romantic aesthetics and its statement pieces. According to Noel, clothes have the power to transform people, and she wants women to lean into their power when they wear her clothes.


Additionally to using Fenoel to empower women, the Brooklyn-based designer also uses her brand to create images that speak to her own identity. While she has always been inspired by Renaissance art, she acknowledges the lack of representation of Black women in that space and seeks to shift this Eurocentric narrative

Fenoel is a great example of how brands can counter limited narratives portrayed in commercialized media to create a deeper relationship with their customers and inspire them.

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Photography by @itayshaphoto

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