The eponymous label was founded by Imane Ayissi in 2004, who became the first Sub-Saharan African designer to officially join the Paris haute couture calendar this year. 

The Yaoundé-born designer was introduced to fashion at a very young age, as he started making clothes for his mother and one of the largest ateliers in Cameroon. When he moved to Paris in the 1990’s, he modeled for the likes of Dior, Givenchy and Lavin before starting his own brand.

Imane Ayissi showcases complex and contemporary couture that highlight the sophistication of Africa. His garments combine craftsmanship techniques from Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal or even Burkina Faso, and sustainable practices are at the core of his process.

From hand-woven fringing to 3D appliqué flowers, Ayissi combines influences from contemporary arts, French know-how and traditional African artistry. While African fashion is commonly reduced to Wax, Imane Ayissi wants to show that there is much more and calls for the support and respect of this heritage.

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Photo: Fabrice Malard / Courtesy of Imane Ayissi

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