The menswear label combines tailoring’s exactitude and streetwear’s practicality with international roots to create thoughtful ready-to-wear pieces.

Emeric Tchatchoua launched 3.PARADIS in 2013 after studying fashion in Montreal for two years. Born in Paris to Cameroonian parents, the designer draws from Japanese streetwear culture and channels global influences into the brand, bringing a fresh aesthetic and a modern interpretation of classic silhouettes.

The youthful rebellion and the philosophical ideas channeled into 3.PARADIS are part of the brand’s essence. These concepts are translated through metaphors and symbolism in each collection. Emeric Tchatchoua uses colors, fabrics and patterns to tell stories, and to inspire messages of interconnection and togetherness.

In 3.PARADIS’ 2020 Autumn/Winter capsule collection titled “Land of the Free”, for instance, pieces created with laminated genuine $1 bills serve as a metaphor for the millions of people who are in pursuit of the American Dream. The brand also examines the notions of personal freedom, conformity and independence, by juxtaposing formal tailoring with an emblazoned dove bird on several looks. 3.PARADIS creates an intimate conversation between the clothes and its wearers and offer a broader reflection on humanity.

Combining accessibility and complexity, Emeric Tchatchoua offers a unique and realistic perspective of modern menswear. He also uses his label to promote equality and opportunity, by employing people from the Parisian estate he grew up in.

In 2019, the brand was shortlisted for the LVMH prize, and is now available at global retailers.

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