The menswear brand founded by Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh in 2017 draws inspiration from their Caribbean homes of Curaçao and the Dominican Republic, celebrating their diversity, history, and innovation.

Botter’s cross-cultural roots are reflected in their combination of power silhouettes and street style elements, vibrant colors, and exaggerated volumes. The design duo sees resisting heteronormative ideas of dress and European aesthetics as an assertion of individuality. 

Committed to maintaining sustainable design practices, the designers work with local artisans and use eco-conscious fabrics and recycled materials to minimize waste. The use of humble materials such as price-tag fasteners to create statement pieces also demonstrates that upcycling can be a means to achieve elegant pieces while redefining current practices.

Juggling their menswear brand and the artistic direction of #NinaRicci, Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh have managed to maintain two distinct aesthetic universes, and use their platform to highlight important issues.

Image Credits

Spring/Summer 2022 GLOBAL WARNING campaign documented by Viviane Sassen shot in Malibu, California.

Photography: @vivianesassenstudio
Styling: @imruh
Spray art on suit and Set Design: @ibbynjoya
Mouvement director: @yagamoto
Hair & make up: @zeniajaeger
Models: @kaamed_j @de1ng4
Production & casting: @rachael.evans_
stylist assistant: @arouammari

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