Founded by Telfar Clemens in 2005, Telfar is the representation of popular culture today through genderless aesthetics. 

The Liberian-American designer is known for his consistency and forward thinking. He defines his design philosophy as “simplexity”, which translates through his edgy and practical creations.

Over the years, Telfar has released numerous capsule collections in collaborations with brands like Opening Ceremony, Doc Marten, Fila or Rebook. These drops have contributed to popularizing his vision and created momentum for unique products.

Telfar is also responsible for creating Gen-Z’s first it-bag. Nicknamed the “Bushwick Birkin”, the vegan leather tote-style shopping bag has become a status symbol for young consumers who identify with the brand’s inclusive message.

Having understood his audience’s expectations and desire for more diverse points of views, Telfar has adopted a unique digital strategy and adopted the language of its audience to communicate. The brand uses viral video formats for promotional campaigns, user generated content, and involves its audience in the design process.

By sharing authentic stories, Telfar strengthens its brand identity and creates a stronger community.

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