The Brooklyn-based conceptual clothing brand combines cultures, storytelling, and innovation through an upcycling philosophy.

Founded by Edvin Thompson in 2016, Theophilio is described as a wearable bibliography that embraces multicultural identities and diversity. The Kingston-born designer creates wearable avant-garde pieces that convey his personal experiences and amplifies the voices of his community.

With collections including Vein pleated bodysuits, Cactus leather trousers and classic mesh tank tops, Edvin Thompson builds a universe that consists in a safe space for Theophilio consumers, as well as a vehicle to carry his Jamaican culture. The brand puts an accent on diversity, representation, and authenticity to celebrate life and the experiences of their community, while pushing the dialogue around masculinity and femininity.

Theophilio’s SS21 ‘Migration’ collection which was accompanied by a short film invites us to have a deeper conversation on the global phenomenon and the reasons that push people to migrate. With the presence of the Rastafarian flag colors, silk dresses, short skirts and warm island colors, Theophilio creates a sartorial marriage of stories that allows us to reflect on the similarities of human experiences despite the differences in our conditions.

The brand’s SS22 collection titled ‘Air Jamaica’ furthers this conversation, and adds the notion of desires and escape and uses the once national airline of Jamaica as a symbol of pride.

Edvin Thompson resonates with his customers by championing radical self-expression. With pieces designed for men and women to navigate the world outside of its confinements, Theophilio gives its community a sense of empowerment and visibility.

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