The eponymous label launched in Rio de Janeiro by the Cape Verdean designer in 2014 offers strong and minimalist womenswear pieces that celebrate freedom and self-knowledge.

Angela Brito centers her work on her Cape Verdean heritage. In fact, Cape Verdean fashion is characterized by asymmetrical and straight silhouettes. The strong presence of geometry in Angela Brito’s work is a reference to her culture, but also speaks to her feeling of displacement and her personal history.

Her AW20 “Fuga” collection, which stands for “escape” in Portuguese, metaphorically and aesthetically represent the idea of displacement. The relaxed silhouettes and mismatched shapes present in the collection give a sense of lightness, improvisation and freedom. Angela Brito also used panu di téra in the collection, a traditional Cape Verdean handwoven cotton fabric.

Through impeccable construction, precise cuts, and distinctive color blends, the designer presents innovative and elegant pieces that challenge contemporary womenswear while still being wearable.

Angela Brito’s fashion is timeless, bold, and rich in culture. The designer is committed to sustainability, creativity and diversity, and her work contributes to demystifying the idea of a unified Afro aesthetic.

Image credits

Creative direction : Angela Brito
Photography : Marcos Florentino & Kelvin Yule
Scenography : Lucas Fontes
Styling : Guilherme Alef

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