Emmanuel Okoro wants to showcase the versatility of African styles while preserving culture and traditional know-hows. The self-taught Nigerian designer who launched his brand in 2014 revisits traditional aesthetics through strong architectural silhouettes and clean cuts, deliberately creating unconventional clothes.

Emmy Kasbit tells stories rooted in the African experience. From the nostalgia of the 1970’s in Nigeria to the recurring political events taking place in the country, Emmy Kasbit showcases the implicit connections between fashion and culture.

This connection is strengthened through the brand’s intentional use of fabric. Many of Emmy Kasbit’s collections feature Akwete fabric, an indigenous hand-woven textile that belongs to the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. Adding this fabric to suit jackets with unexpected silhouettes is part of what makes Emmy Kasbit such a bold and confident brand.

By being intentional about cultural preservation and creating modern interpretations of both menswear and womenswear in Nigeria, Emmanuel Okoro has put Emmy Kasbit at the forefront of African fashion. The brand has been selected alongside #RichMnisi as winners of the 2020 edition of Vogue Italia’s Scouting For Africa Initiative, which has allowed them to be featured in the September Issue of Vogue Teens and to show their SS21 collections during #MilanFashionWeek.

Image credits

Image 1 : Emmy Kasbit SS21, Model Rebecca Fabunmi, Photographed by Surf Diary

Image 2 : Emmy Kasbit SS20, Photographed by Stephen Tayo, Creative Direction by Kwen Maye, Styling by Moses Ebite

Image 3 : Photography by Clement Ogoh, Creative Direction & Production by Ekow Barnes, Styling by Akweah

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