Founded by Aristide Loua in 2017, the Ivorian brand celebrates the African identity through masculine silhouettes and statement fashion pieces.

After having lived in Ivory Coast, India, and the United States, Aristide Loua launched his brand to allow people to discover the diverse cultural heritage of West Africa. He fell in love with Kente cloth, an iconic handwoven fabric that he decided to modernize and put at the center of his design.

Aristide Loua’s approach consists in molding a sustainable balance of color, poetry, and culture into his work. The brand’s first collection, “Sodade”, discusses Aristide Loua’s journey of heartbreak and discovery. Throughout the collection, he examines the volatility of his own emotions and associates them with colors.

By sharing authentic stories through powerful styles and homegrown fabrics, Kente Gentlemen demonstrate how heritage can be associated with modernity to create timeless pieces.

Image credits

Image 1 : Aristide Loua, Photography by Kente Gentlemen

Image 2 : Fatima Kouame and Marc Alexandre Koffi, Photography by Nuits Balnéaires, Set Design by Olufemi Hinson, Styling by Aristide Loua, Hair and Makeup by Kiela Annie

Image 3 : Photography by Keren Lasme, Styling by Aristide

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