The eponymous label effortlessly melds traditional West African craftsmanship with modern practices to create afrofuturistic womenswear pieces.

Born in Brazil and raised between Abidjan and Maryland, Loza Maleombho channels her multi-cultural upbringing to create a meaningful and socially engaged brand. 

After moving back to Africa, the designer studied pre-colonial African history and references throughout her collections. Through the recurrent themes of royalty and warship, Loza Maleombho creates clothes that are meant to empower her customers. Exploring the dress culture and customs of different West-African groups, she develops raffia button down shirts, fringe dresses, and a series of androgynous pieces in organza, kente, burlap or wax. The Baoulé mask is also a statement item of the brand, symbolizing joy and unity.

Her now signature rope-detailed highly structured jacket which is inspired by the Tuareg people, was featured in Beyoncé’s “Already” music video for her ‘Black Is King’ film, causing her sales to spike 300 percent.

Sustainability is at the heart of Loza Maleombho’s work, and all of her pieces are made in Ivory Coast, where she employs and trains young women and collaborates with local artisans.

Loza Maleombho has created a brand which is now synonymous with cultural appreciation. She celebrates the paradoxes and the synergies of tribal aesthetics and futurism, while raising awareness on social and cultural stories.

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