Tongoro is a digital native African label launched by Sarah Diouf in 2016.

Tongoro brings ready-to-wear African fashion to the world and shows the versatility that is rooted in African cultures. The brand offers rich and vibrant prints, putting craftsmanship and tailoring at the center of every collection.

When Sarah Diouf started her label, she wanted to solve the equation between local tailoring, African style, and mainstream fashion. She offered something innovative, while also capturing the essence of African heritage.

Being aware of the power of visual storytelling, she also uses strong imagery to strengthen her brand and inspire people.

Sarah Diouf uses her brand as a catalyst for change and to empower African manufacturing. Her vision is for Tongoro to become a 360° lifestyle brand and for “Made in Africa” to become a symbol of luxury.

Image credits

Image 1

Beyoncé wearing Tongoro in Black Is King

Styling by Zerina Akers


Image 2

Beauty by @gaby_studios

Photography by @trevor_stuurman

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